Sindhi women shelter projects

The victims of forced conversion, kidnapping and rape particularly Involve women and girls from hard to reach /minority faith Communities shelter1 who do not have any safe place to return or live once they Have endured a kidnapping and rape, as families of the victims do not easily accept them back in to their communities.


Currently, there are no womenís shelters providing equivalent secular safe haven for women of minority faiths. In particular, the only well-known shelters, Darul-Amans are either religious run shelters where the womanís minority faith may not be respected or case of alleged forced conversion may be downplayed; or homes known for wide spread abuse and prostitution of women.
In addition, there is no shelter set up in the interior Sindh or outside Karachi, where women of minority faiths (usually Hindu) live, and where many of the kidnapping and conversion cases are reported. The majority of Hindus live in the rural or interior areas of Sindh, as cited by the World Directory of Minorities.


  • Pending a police/court investigation into whether or not to lodge a complaint on forced marriage/conversion; or pending a Courtís final judgments.
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  • Victims should have access to community social workers, and psychological counselors.
  • The shelter may be run with the guidance of group such as Panah Womenís Shelter in Karachi. However, International Sindhi Women Organization has established alliance with Action for Peace and Sustainable Development (APSD).
  • It is expected that after initial set up costs, additional funds will be raised through marketing of NGOís involved, womenís groups in Pakistan, UK and US.


Motivation and Awareness Programme

This proposal has been developed to uplift the physical and mental well being of sindhi women. Purpose of this project is to upgrade confidence ,self believe and awareness about their human and women rights.
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Proposal would fulfil the requirement of self determination improve Sindhi womenís basic living standard and understanding of self and surrounding issues and its solutions.

Purpose of Women motivation and awareness program is to create awareness about vaccination, antenatal care, personal hygiene.


Trail of 10 Sessions in Northern Sindh (Jacobabad & Shikarpur Divisions)